Q: If your name is Quartet Parapluie, why are there more than four musicians on your website?
A: Quartet Parapluie started out many years ago as a standard string quartet. It was great while it lasted, but as our reputation grew and we became a more sought-after ensemble, we realized that we can meet more clients' needs with a larger group of musicians. With a collective of esteemed musicians to choose from, our clients are more likely to get the date they want and still be assured of the same high quality of musicianship. And as a side note, we often perform as a smaller ensemble, such as a string trio or string duo.

Q: Tell me what the difference is between a quartet, a trio and a duo.
A: A string quartet consists of four instruments (two violins, one viola, one cello), a string trio consists of three instruments (one violin, one viola, one cello OR two violins, one cello), a string duo consists of two instruments (one violin and one cello, for example).

Q: How do I know which ensemble is best for my event?
A: Keep in mind that all of the ensembles are lovely. A string quartet is going to provide you with the fullest sound and richest harmonies. There are also going to be the most repertoire choices for this ensemble, as it's a very standard ensemble. If your budget doesn't allow for a full quartet, a string trio is a great option. The repertoire list will be slightly reduced, but will still allow many options. You might want to peruse our repertoire lists to help in your decision making process! If you're having a smaller event, a string duo might suffice for you, but keep in mind that repertoire will be limited mostly to classical music.

Q: Can you accompany a vocalist? She happens to also be my Maid of Honor.
A: How lucky for you! The answer is "yes!" We accompany vocalists often, but will humbly suggest that your Maid of Honor be capable of reading sheet music. And, if we may suggest, you might want to make sure that your Maid of Honor has performed in front of a live audience before. Stage fright isn't a fun thing! We won't be able to rehearse with your vocalist for more than 10 minutes on the day of your event, so everyone involved should be pretty experienced. If your Maid of Honor isn't feeling comfortable with her dual role, we're happy to recommend some professional vocalists to you.

Q: Do you perform outdoors? 
A: Do we ever! Outdoor events, especially weddings, are beautiful. But our instruments are delicate and expensive. And we should also mention that they're made from wood. So, that means that we can only perform in ideal weather conditions. We do not perform outdoors between October 1st and May 31st. Typically, it needs to be above 65 degrees Fahrenheit for us to perform outdoors. We also do not perform in direct sun or any precipitation. We always recommend that you have a Plan B option for outdoor events.

Q: What do you wear to weddings and other events?
A: We wear classy black.

Q: Do you own a PA system?
A: Yes, we do, and it's available for rent when you hire QP. Utilizing the PA system is a really effective way to make sure that the investment you're making in live music can be heard by your guests. We rarely need the PA system to project our sound during wedding ceremonies, but can provide one for your officiant, if needed (and we also have a vocal microphone for rent). We typically recommend using the PA system for Cocktail Hours, Dinner Hours, or other large events.

Q: What equipment do you bring to an event, and what do I need to provide for you?
A: We are pretty self-contained. We'll need you to provide one armless chair for each musician, as well as access to an electrical outlet if we are using the PA system. For outdoor events, you may need to provide a tent if natural shade isn't available. Other than that, we'll bring everything else (like our music stands and battery-operated lighting).

Q: We love you. We want to book you. What's next?
A: Great! We're so excited to work with you! To start, you'll be assigned to one of our Client Liaisons (Melissa, Andra, or Rebekah). In order to officially book an event and reserve a date, we'll need a signed contract and a 50% deposit. From there, your Client Liaison will start the musical planning process with you. Have questions? We'd love to chat. Give us a call or send us an email.

Q: Is the deposit refundable? When is the balance due?  
A: No, the deposit is not refundable. The balance of the contract is due on the day of the event.

Q: What kind of payment methods do you accept?
A: Check, please. Isn't that a television show? We also accept Chase Quickpay.

Q: Great! The check's in the mail. What's next?
A: Excellent! The next step is for us to become best friends. :)  Or at least for us to get to you know you a little better. Let's chat on the phone about your event, or get together over a latte or glass of wine. Once we know what vision you have for your event, we can start the music planning. We have lots of ideas and suggestions, so make sure to tap into our fountain of musical knowledge!